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Born in England.


Prolific musician, and innovative composer Smulian has got an impressive list of successful projects in the last 35 years, with an inspirational loyalty to his own voice. Mark began producing Albums when he was 24 in NYC, where he studied music at The Mannes College of Music and immersed himself in the Jazz genre.

Mark has over 50 album credits as a producer in the ‘World’ music, Jazz and Rock genre, some of which went gold and platinum and 30 years experience as a bandleader.

Mark has led the WhiteFlag Project band and performed at The Montreux Jazz festival as well as The Washington ‘yes we can’ peace initiative festival.


Mark also presents workshops and lectures internationally both in the education and the business sector.

Mark presently lives in Bristol UK and is performing locally and internationally with his new band, White Flag.

Mark has expanded his scope of musical interest to help patients suffering from dementia. He has developed an app, MindHarp, for individuals with dementia amongst others. More information at; and


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